What is RoboCoin?

RoboCoin is an education token on the Tron Blockchain aimed to incentivize learning. RoboCoin uses smaller tokens (RoboQuarter & RoboDollar) to allow rewards for student’s work and achievements. RoboCoin aims to fuel mass adoption with the younger generations who have not had any opportunity with cryptocurrency.

RoboQuarter ICO

Tron raised will fund the expansion of this project. Including the development and operation of a website for Robocoin rewards. Robocoin rewards will be the website based store where you can spend your RoboCoins!

RoboQuarter tokens are the smallest value tokens that can be earned in our education model.

4 RoboQuarter  = 1 RoboDollar 

RoboDollar ICO

Tron raised will fund the integration of RoboMiner into Schoology and courses where RoboQuarter,  RoboDollar, and RoboCoin can be earned. 

Rewards will be given for completing assignments, watching videos, and taking quizzes to show mastery of content.

100 RoboDollar  = 1 RoboCoin 


RoboCoin an investment token of Emoji Tokens and Education Platform.

There will not be an ICO of this token. It can be earned on the a few different ways using the Education Platform.

The Vision

The overall goal of RoboCoin is to provide tools to engage students and enhance the education experience.

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