Current Use

We are running beta tests using RoboQuarter, RoboDollar, and RoboCoin as incentives with students ages ranging 12-18


All students have accounts that allow for them to take quizzes, submit assignments, make up missed work, and receive additional instruction.

Each day Students can earn Crypto CURRENCY

Each day specifies the amount of tokens that may be earned. This gives the students incentives beyond grades.

Before each Quiz students are reminded of rewards

Students can see which tokens can be earned for each point. In this example each point is worth 1 RoboQuarter.

However in some examples the first 4 points could be RoboQuarter and if they get a 100% the 5th point could be worth a RoboCoin.

The class power point and Daily Quizzes

In this folder each student/parent can see what is expected for each day of the course. If they are absent, all the material is present for them to make up the content and assignments.

Example of Day 3

Students have access to the full content of each lesson. Each quiz, assignment and videos that are required to be completed have  a progress marker underneath to notify the students these items need to be completed.

Extra credit folders contain material that relates to the days lesson that allows the students to go beyond the taught content. It also gives the students avenues to expand their knowledge base if they are interested in a certain concept. These extra credit assignments (videos, books and TV shows) can earn additional crypto currency.

Example: Every chapter read of Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” could earn you a BOOK token for writing a chapter review.

Each student has a Tron wallet

Each students Tron address is set as their profile picture on Schoology. This allows for the deposit of earned crypto currency and so each student has the opportunity to trade, send or receive their earned tokens.

What’s Next?

Robocoin Rewards website

We will create a rewards website where students can spend their earned Robo Currencies.

Expanding Courses that offer RoboCoin

We are expanding the different courses that use RoboCoin in order to expose crypto currencies to more students!

Future Shock News

Eventually we will be offering FutureShock tokens for viewing and sharing science and technology articles on Future Shock News.

Seeking Partnerships

We are activle seeking out partnerships that will aid in the success of our goals here at RoboCoin. Please leave a message at the bottom of this page if interested.

Sample Rewards WebSite

After we raise initial funds from RoboQuarter we will build a rewards web page where anyone will have the opportunity to trade, send or receive their earned tokens for a selection of different items.

This will enable us to construct the reward site and add some rewards (T-Shirts, Coin Prints, and Gift Cards, It will not dictate the value of RoboQuarter.

Why Cryptocurrencies?

Exciting younger generations about cyrpto currencies will allow for the education needed to use these blockchain technologies and encourage mass adoption. It is also a source of monetary reward for learning which provides the students with ownership of their work and effort beyond the traditional letter grades and percentages.

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