Our Story

The idea to pay kids to learn was tested in 2011 by Bryan Buchanan and Joe Manfredi, both 7th grade Technology teachers. Using Khan academy and other education websites they challenged kids to get the farthest on the websites in a week. A $25 gift card would be given to the winner. This pushed students to excel much faster and gave incentives for all the students to learn.

The second trial students the top 20 students were rewarded $5 gift cards. We saw a increased competitive atmosphere when more student knew there was a potential of them getting paid for there effort.

A learning website that paid kids to learn was envisioned but seemed out of reach.

Fast forward to 2018, Tron has enabled us to revisit this idea. This time we have integrated teaching kids about the Tron blockchain and how to use this technology. Add in the ability to trade fun emoji token with their friends and you have a fun competitive learning atmosphere.

RoboCoin Team

Bryan Buchanan

Founder and CEO


9 years of teaching experience

Matt Malec

CTO and Senior Developer


Fluent in Java, PHP, Ruby, & SQL

Joe Manfredi



19 years or teaching experience

Rob Carter

Head of Token Asset Management

Devinadh Kondrakunta

Head of Marketing / Social Media Management

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