Tip Tron TRC-10 & TRC-20 Tokens with

RoboMiner on Telegram


RoboMiner is a bot created for telegram. It opens a new tron wallet for its users and allows users to tip all tokens and select emojis. 

RoboMiner has an exchange function built into the wallet, this allows users to buy and sell tokens from RoboCoin or select premium token creators.

Tipping is easy with RoboMiner

Send one:  *<Token> or *<Emoji>  

Send multiple: *<Amount> <Token/Emoji>

There is a list of emojis that have tokens assigned in the RoboMiner Wallet.

Token creators can also choose to list an emoji with RoboMiner. See below for more info.


The fee for tipping with RoboMiner is set at 0.15 TRX per transaction, however after each successful transaction users generate a RoboDiamond worth .05 TRX. These can be sold directly in the RoboMiner Wallet.

As time goes on it will get more difficult to mine RoboDiamond. 

We will also be adding features and tokens that can be mined with RoboMiner. 

Using the RoboMiner Wallet


Clicking this button will give you some instructions about the RoboMiner.

Trade Function

Trading on RoboMiner is fun, easy, and safe.

Enabling Pickaxe to Mine More!

Holding 500 RoboCoin in your  RoboMiner wallet it will enable a Pickaxe to appear next to your RoboCoin Balance.

This will allow you to mine more then 1 RoboDiamond at a time and inturn enable  you to tip for even less then normal and on occasion for FREE!

Exchange Function

This button will allow to to buy and sell some select Tron tokens directly from the Bot.

The example above is showing the steps to buy 10 RoboCoin.

Storm Function

This feature has Rain, Downpour and Lightning all in one.

  • 25% is airdropped randomly 
  • 50% is airdropped evenly 
  • 25% is distributed to 5 lucky users

The user that initiates a storm will mine a RoboRuby worth 1 Tron each! Each person Struck by lightning mines a RoboEmerald.

This is only available to admins on telegram. 

*** Make sure you have frozen Tron and have bandwidth to use this function***

Emoji Token List

This button is updated daily with a list of emojis that can be use to tip tron tokens on RoboMiner. 

What can you Earn?

Besides having a very user friendly interface, using RoboMiner erns you Tron! 

 New RoboMiner features coming soon!

Benefits of RoboMiner

Listing your token on RoboMiner will allow for brand recognition directly in everyone’s wallet who uses RoboMiner, this will allow your token to reach people who are not in your telegram groups.

  • Cheap Tron token tipping (0.1 TRX) (0.05 TRX when you factor in RoboDiamond)
  • Tron Emoji Tokens – Fun and also establishes a brand as well as token security.
  • Exchange Function built into the wallet. BUY & Sell RoboCoin Tokens/ Premium Tron tokens
  • RoboDiamond – these tokens are exchangeable for Tron and will be used in future games.
  • Works with all Tron TRC-10 and TRC-20 Tokens

Listing Tokens on RoboMiner 

Prices will change monthly as Tron price fluctuates. Price calculated for .025 each Tron.

The Tron earned from listing your tokens pays for developer cost, server cost, future development and helps keep our tip fee low.

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