RoboCoin Tokens

In order to fund the rewards for students on the rewards website, tokens were created with other uses. These tokens are used in conjunction with RoboCoin to add value to the platform and give additional incentives for learning.


Emoji based tokens can be collected and sent on Telegram. 


Emoji inspired Tokens

Tokens backed by RoboCoin, meaning it will eventually be tradeable on the RoboCoin Reward website.

Frozen Supplies of tokens are frozen until January 2020

Like Token

With this token you can actually “Like” a comment or picture. Collect Like tokens and spend them!

Frozen Supply 500,000,000,000 

LOL Token

Laugh Out Loud!

Frozen Supply 500,000,000,000 

Kiss Token

Send Kiss token to someone when you want to leave a mark with bright lipstick.

Frozen Supply 500,000,000,000 

Fire Token

Fire tokens can be used to describe something or someone being hot.

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

Wet Token

From sweat droplets to jumping in water, things just happen and we get Wet!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

Wink Token

A mischievous or playful Wink!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

Crying Token

When life just sucks!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

Cool Token

Used to denote a sense of Cool!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

OMG Token

Oh My God!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

Prayer Token

When Prayers are needed, send these helping hands!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

GOAT Token

“Greatest Of All Time” or a friendly goat… you decide!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

LMAO Token

Laughing My A** Off!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

Peach Token

Pinkish orange fuzzy fruit.

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000

Chocolate Token

Give Chocolate to people as a “Thank You”… or just unwrap and take a quick bit.

Frozen Supply 50,000,000,000


HANDSHAKE is tipped for a good deed done, a great comment, a completed trade, or just a friendly online gesture.

Frozen Supply 25,000,000,000

TearsOfJoy Token

When you laugh so hard that you get Tears Of Joy!

Frozen Supply 4,000,000,000 

Pizza Token

Pizza is used to communicate food and drink related topics in general because everyone loves Pizza.

Frozen Supply 500,000,000

Donut Token

If you own a Donut token you love the round treat! They are just sticky and sweet. The more you own, the more you eat! .

Frozen Supply 500,000,000

Hotdog Token

This mixture of meat is surely a salty treat!

Frozen Supply 250,000,000

TeddyBear Token

A teddy bear is a soft toy in the form of a bear. TeddyBear is your new favorite token to squeeze and Hodl!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000

Unicorn Token

A rare mythical creature and a rare mythical token!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000

Cherry Token

This token is the Cherry on top of Tron.

Frozen Supply 19,000,000

EasterEgg Token

A rare token that can only be found in random and hidden places!

Frozen Supply 4,000,000

Whale Token

The only two ways to get a Whale is off the RoboCoinExchange on telegram or pay 100 TRX

Frozen Supply 750,000

HeartEyes Token

Use HeartEyes when you just love something!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000

Devil Token

Use this token when you’re evil and you know it!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000

OOPS Token

Use OOPS when you say or do something you shoudn’t have.

Frozen Supply 50,000,000

Nerd Token

Use Nerd when you love being smart!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000


Use HAPPY when you want to put a smile on someones face!

Frozen Supply 50,000,000

Benifits of holding RoboCoin

Spending RoboCoin’s in the reward website can be a positive way to use your earned RoboCoin, RoboDollar, or RoboQuarter.

However we are planning on rewarding users who hold the RoboCoin tokens in their wallet. This will be one incentive that will be discussed in the future.